Hug Your Baby's Mission

HUG Your Baby believes that parents want to be good moms and dads! We also know that caring and confident parents raise capable and happy children. Based on child development and medical literature, HUG Your Baby's trainings and resources help parents (and the professionals who care for them) understand a baby's body language in order to prevent and solve problems around eating, sleeping, crying, and parent-child interaction and bonding.

"How do I help my baby feed and sleep well?"
"How do I calm my baby?"
"How do I play with my baby so s/he can grow & learn"

The hug your baby is a program that enables you to understand not only your baby's inner world but also how to identify the baby's needs. Jan Tedder RN, a family nurse practioner, recognized that parents didn't know how to speak the baby's language and as result felt overwhelmed both in caring for the baby and understanding the baby's needs.

Your baby had a very nice environment to begin their life. It was dark and warm with plenty of reassuring noises. Then all of a sudden the baby begins to feel pushed out of this perfect world into a room with bright lights, beeps, other unfamiliar noises, people, faces everywhere eand most important mom and dad's voices.

Jan Tedder identified three zones or states the baby experiences. The baby needs different care in each of the zones. The Hug Your Baby Program teaches you to recognize those different zones and demonstrates what care the baby needs in each zone.

In addition, Jan developed a system to enable you to identify when your baby is overstimulated and the Hug progam helps you identify the signs so that you can begin soothing your baby. Your baby will protest or shut down when he/she is over stimulated. Jan saw the need to identify signs of overstimulation.

The Hug Your Baby program gives you the tools to Help, Understand and Guide you in the care of your newborn. The HUG program enables your to be confident in the parenting of your newborn.

Let me teach you how to HUG your baby.

Babies certainly communicate. If only they could speak our language!

They talk with their bodies, and you can learn to "hear" and understand their body talk! Learn about it with a private class!!